About Us

Who am I? 

I’m Fiona Andreanelli-Smith; the founder of Mytimeframe. Mum to two lo vely boys, Luca & Ethan, I’ve been a graphic designer for over 20 years and also teach design at Technical College. Needless to say I spend my life juggling - but wouldn’t have it any other way!


My Time Frame - Born in 2008

My first baby boy arrived in 2008. There were many new baby friends with birthday parties to attend, so I decided to use my creative skills and give bespoke graphic gifts which made me very popular! The Timeframe was born. Mums started asking if I’d make similar typographic prints for other people, and before I knew it I had a successful small business. Fast forward a few years and I'm on my second website, ordering locally sourced wooden frames and have a product that’s streets ahead of the amateur versions I first made for friends.


Eye of the Type-r!

Typography is my passion and I fell in love with letter forms (strange, I know) studying Graphic Design at college, during the revolutionary era of ‘the Apple Mac’ which gave designers control of typesetting. As I was taught traditional typography, but graduated proficient in design software, I’m rather well rounded and appreciate the importance of type design as well as software capabilities. Its fundamental to me that every Timeframe is type set with comfortable spacing (something often executed very badly).


The Journey of Life

Graduating in 1994 with a BA Honours in Graphic Design at Epsom, I headed for the big smoke - London - to be a junior graphic designer. My ambition was always to leave Surrey to live and work as a 'cool' designer in the city (and commute by tube!). So I joined Wherefore Art?, a design studio in Primrose Hill, specialising in the music industry. During those first four years I learned so much about the trade while I was put to work designing books, including The Beatles Anthology. I was fortunate enough to be offered a position of running the new art department at Apple Corps Ltd, The Beatles record company, where my first brief was the relaunch of Yellow Submarine. I had four exciting years there, but I missed designing books, so ventured out into the world of freelance and haven't looked back since. 



After eleven years of living in north London, the digital era arrived and having met my future husband I came 'home' to Surrey. Now living in Camberley I still 'do' freelance work, but motherhood means I’ve scaled back considerably and also embraced teaching as a more fitting and family friendly move. With the PGCE under my belt I teach part-time in FE which is hugely rewarding but equally time consuming! I’ve worked with many publishers on a variety of illustrated books as a freelancer, some of which can been seen on www.andreanelli.com


It’s Always ‘Timeframe’ Time

I am so happy that customers take so much pleasure helping me create and receiving Timeframes. Each piece is bespoke and encapsulates over 20 years of typographic experience - I never get bored of designing them. I also have a team that I cherish very much because they are as passionate about Mytimeframe as I am.